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The cryogenic refrigerator cascade refrigeration system

: ultra-low temperature freezer of cascade refrigeration system using two or more different refrigerants, by two or more than two single stage ( Can also be a double level) A mix of refrigeration system. Apply to - 50 degrees below the device at low temperature.
cascade refrigerating machine usually consists of two separate refrigeration system, section called high level and low level respectively. High temperature parts used in temperature refrigerant, low temperature part use of industrial ice machine in low temperature. High temperature part of the evaporation of refrigerant in the system is used to make part of the refrigerant in the system at low temperature condensation, the two parts with a condenser evaporator, it is a part of high temperature evaporator, is part of the condenser in low temperature. Within low temperature part of the refrigerant in the evaporator is cooled object absorbs the heat ( For making cold quantity) , and the heat to high temperature part of the refrigerant, and then by the high temperature part of the refrigerant will heat to the cooling medium ( With air or water) 。

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