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The cost-saving problem of the fully automatic snowflake ice maker in Yiwenhui

When buying a full-automatic snowflake ice maker, everyone will consider the issue of cost. At present, most people who buy a full-automatic snowflake ice maker will consider whether the purchase price is available. It's cheap, but I didn't expect the price to recover the cost after using it.   Therefore, the value of the fully automatic snowflake ice maker after use is often overlooked. To make an analogy: after using a good-quality Tube Ice Machine for a few years, when it is sold to the second-hand market, its value may reach 50% to 60% (such as the pure imported brand of Wanliduo). After using the brand of automatic snowflake ice maker for 3 years, it may become scrap iron disposal, which is worth less than 10%. Therefore, smarter customers will not consider the cheap price in front of them, and will consider the more expensive ice machine. The automatic snowflake ice machine uses all stainless steel 304,0.8 thickness materials. The screws and hanging ears are all European standards, and the ice bucket is made of all stainless steel grouting, so our ice machine can maintain 70-80% new after 5 years of use. The high cost of electricity is related to the problem of machine design and machine parts. Generally, the domestic automatic snowflake ice machine design is a coarse-mining design, which is not an energy-saving design. The simplest is the ice machine door Design, the current ice machine products are all refrigerator seals, so why can the door have a refrigerator seal to save energy? Everyone knows: because the door is closed tightly, the heat preservation performance will be much better, the temperature is high, and the temperature absorbed by the ice mold So fast, the freezing speed is also fast. So the production capacity is high.   In addition, the door is designed with an inclined angle, which creates trouble for the user, so that it can remind the user to remember to close the door all the time. Because everyone knows that in the case of refrigeration, air circulation will cause the temperature to drop, and the absorption speed of the ice mold will be slow. Therefore, the production capacity will also decrease. So I remind you that you must close the door of the ice machine. In addition, foreign spare parts are saved. Electricity, running-in will be better, the loss of the machine will be relatively small, and the compressor of the ice machine uses the Copeland compressor imported from the United States. 60% of the imported parts are used, so it is very electricity-saving and has a good ice-making effect.
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