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The core of the principle of the ice maker lies in the evaporator


The core of the principle of    cbfi ice machine lies in the evaporator

   1. Put cold water in the water tank of the ice machine, and then use the water pump to continuously circulate the water in the water tank through the evaporator. There are two types of evaporators: plate type and sub-type.

  2. After the compressor of the ice maker starts to operate, it first sucks in external air, and then compresses the air and water through the compressor. After a certain degree, it can no longer be compressed. The exhaust gas that has not been compressed is discharged, and then the compressor is continuously operated to let the water pass through the evaporator to cool down, making the temperature of the water in the compressor of the ice maker lower and lower, and the most important thing is the temperature in the evaporator. Only -10 to -18 degrees, the temperature of the water drops sharply to achieve the effect of liquefaction.

   When the temperature of the cold water in the ice maker is lower than 0°C, it starts to freeze on the surface of the evaporator with a lower temperature. If the ice on the contact surface reaches a certain thickness, it can be switched on. The frost solenoid valve often uses a heat pump to de-ice, and then remove the ice cubes from the ice maker for the next treatment.

The principle of    ice maker is actually quite simple, and the core lies in this evaporator.

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