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The control process of low temperature chiller condensing pressure

The control process of low temperature industrial ice machine condensing pressure: winter, before starting the compressor and condenser pressure in the accumulator are low and high pressure regulating valve differential pressure regulating valves are closed at this time, after the boot before condensing pressure to high pressure regulating valve open set value. High pressure regulating valve is still closed. Store of compressor to rule out the process of industrial ice machine in the condenser, the fluid internal space and the effective heat transfer area of the condenser is reduced, with the development of exhaust to enter, the pressure in the condenser is rising gradually.

the regulator's real purpose is to keep the accumulator has enough pressure, so to use differential pressure regulating valve and pressure regulator with differential pressure regulator when the pressure difference between before and after the valve is opened, the low temperature industrial ice machine compressor exhaust passage accumulator, is accumulator pressure. Condensing pressure to high pressure regulating valve when you start the values above, high pressure regulating valve slightly open. Due to high pressure regulating valve throttle, differential pressure regulator and pressure still exists, to keep his open, balanced stable running, high pressure regulating valve open part, caused the condenser section effusion, differential pressure regulator is part of the open at the same time, some of the heat accumulator side channel, as the outside temperature warming, maintain normal condensing pressure balance, pressure regulating valve open degree increased, the differential pressure regulating valve 4 seated, industrial ice machine normal cycle path.

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