The constant pressure of water vapor process

by:CBFI     2020-10-05
Cold water machine with steam heat can be taken away, and its evaporation process needs a stable pressure, so you can take away heat is very stable. We understand the constant pressure happened to simple process.

project traders adopted by water vapor, mostly constant pressure in the boiler heating. The constant pressure of water vapor heating process can be roughly divided into three stages:

1) The constant pressure water preheating stage;

2) The constant pressure of saturated water vaporizing stage;

3) The constant pressure dry saturated steam heating stage;

0 for unit quality. 01 ℃ when heated, water under pressure P1 began to its initial state temperature t< Ts。 With heating, the temperature rise gradually, than a slight increase volume, constant pressure for a1 - preheating process line B1, b1 point for water temperature t = Ts state of saturated water. A1 - B1 process offline the shadow area, said the water in the process of constant pressure preheating add heat Q1, referred to as the hot liquid. Of saturated water continue to heat the water begins to boil, the water temperature is constant, specific volume increases, the constant pressure of saturated water vaporization process line to D1 point to dare to vapour.
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