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The condenser and the cold storage

Condensation temperature and the condensing pressure
condensation temperature and ling condensation pressure mainly depends on the size of the cooling water temperature, water quality, water quantity and temperature of the surrounding medium, etc. , and with cooling water temperature in the condenser and the structural type of condenser. In addition, the condenser product oil, scale, and the air of a variable. Refrigeration system main parameter adjustment purpose is through the debugging, the system of ling device in accordance with the economic and reasonable design parameters required by cold storage operation work, make the evaporation temperature or pressure tends to be stable, which is a major parameter adjustment of the refrigeration system is a very important rule. Evaporation temperature and evaporating pressure adjustable main attention should be paid to the following situation. The refrigeration heat load changes, established the storage device, the composition of the evaporator and the refrigerating machine is fixed, but the warehouse the goods due to always have access to, its load also changes. In addition, the heat transfer of warehouse palisade structure also changes with the rise and fall of outside temperature. So the heat load of warehouse will change constantly. Such as heat load increases, the evaporator of the industrial ice machine liquid evaporation is big
in the compressor inspiratory capacity, thus evaporation pressure and evaporation temperature to rise. On the contrary, such as evaporation is less than the compressor suction quantity, evaporating pressure and temperature will gradually drop. In the established refrigeration unit, therefore, reasonable matching or adjust the unloading device, the change of heat load, and according to the warehouse to adjust evaporation between ling required for quantity, improve the established effective heat exchange area of evaporator area. Heat transfer area of change

when the heat load and industrial ice machine warehouse capacity, reduce the evaporator heat transfer area, such as warehouse, evaporation temperature decrease; Such as heat transfer area increases, the evaporation temperature. In the actual operation, the machine capacity and heat transfer area of evaporator are fixed, but the change of the evaporation temperature can be through the opening of the expansion valve to regulate. As opening, is enough for liquid, evaporator evaporation is less than the compressor suction quantity, friends and steam temperature and pressure drop, the evaporator heat transfer area became part of the gas heat exchanger, so that the gas overheating, form actually evaporator heat transfer area is reduced effectively, suction and exhaust temperature of refrigerating machine. Instead, such as regulating valve open, evaporator refrigerants, refrigerant in the evaporator evaporation and refrigerator at constant inspiratory capacity, evaporating temperature and pressure will increase accordingly. And, of course, we hope to increase the openness of the expansion valve as far as possible to maximize evaporation refrigerant in the evaporator, refrigeration efficiency is the highest. Expansion valve open to spend, however, into the evaporator refrigeration dose than the evaporation capacity of the evaporator, in established more than effective heat transfer area of evaporator, in this way, refrigerant liquid form wet stroke will be returned to the compressor, if expansion valve opening, the compressor could ninglang yi people autonomous county hit on cylinder, serious when brake cylinder, even the crankcase wall all frost, at this point, the evaporator evaporation temperature and evaporating pressure reduced sharply. In fact, effective heat exchange area of evaporator tends to zero at this time, basically into the evaporator refrigerant flow pipeline, while the compressor is almost an evaporator. So want to adjust and balance the evaporator for fluid volume and evaporation, and play a role of the stability of the evaporator heat transfer area is very important. Refrigerator capacity change

the capacity of the refrigerator should match the heat load of the warehouse. This can be achieved by reasonable match machine and using the energy method such as adjusting device for. Of course, the most main is to have a reasonable design. If the heat load of the same, warehouse and compressor capacity is big, can make the system of evaporation temperature is reduced, or make compressor frost, this is a currency adjustment refrigeration system, refrigeration unit stability is poor. Reduced on the other hand, if the machine capacity, because the machine failed to suck back formed in the evaporator of refrigerant gas, and can make evaporator temperature, cooling warehouse. In addition, when hot warehouse at constant load and machine capacity, such as surface of oil film evaporator evaporation tube or pipe outside surface frost layer, will also affect the cooling effect, the warehouse temperature and difficulty.
design requirements evaporation temperature is too high or too low is not correct, can not meet the requirement of the food cold working process, high, low and the index of refrigerator energy running economy worse. Specific performance is as follows:
1) evaporation temperature is reduced, the refrigerating machine refrigerating capacity decreases, this is due to the gas volume increase, within the evaporator unit volume refrigerating capacity decreases, therefore, the quality of the refrigerant cycle refrigerating machine hour is reduced;
(2) the evaporation temperature is reduced, compressed gas consumption per kilogram of work.
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