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The compressor - — The importance of the heart

Selection of compressor, used, for cold water machine, like the heart as important.

heart beat, ensure the life. And the stand or fall of compressor, decided to the life of the machine work, carrier. And compression methods, can be divided into two categories, piston and rotary. Rotary has new development in recent years, especially in terms of high efficiency, small, lightweight, rotor type, vortex type and screw type very quick development.

from the compressor structure point of view, and the compressor can be divided into open, semi-closed and totally enclosed. Open air compressor shaft out of the body, by turning device ( Turn the belt or coupling) In connection with the prime mover, out in the site must have a shaft sealing device, make the main shaft between the body and sealed to prevent refrigerant leakage. Enclosed compressor is the structure of the motor and compressor together as whole, in the same body, thus it can be cancelled shaft sealing device, to avoid the possibility of a industrial ice machine leakage. In this way, the motor is surrounded by the environment of the refrigerant, called a built-in type motor. Enclosed compressor can be divided into two types, semi-closed and closed again. Semi-closed body with screw connection, so like open can open repair. Totally enclosed body is installed in a shell welding up, cannot open repair.

at present, in addition to ammonia refrigerant compressor, auto air conditioner and open the engine driving situations such as, generally in the refrigeration and air conditioning engineering, is developing gradually to semi-enclosed and totally enclosed. Totally enclosed due to the large scale of production, low cost, is becoming more and more widely used in refrigeration and air conditioning in every field.

positive displacement compressor, piston compressor is one of the most commonly used, an acceptable compression theory is the most easy to understand. Theoretical analysis of piston compressor, most of them are applicable to other volume type rotary compressor, therefore, first to it as a typical form of volume type compressor to discuss the theoretical circle.

understanding heart, understand the heart compressor.
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