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The cold type pause

Cold water type issued

when we need to match a cold water machine the machine, we need to know how much a refrigerating capacity is cold water machine can meet the requirements of the machine.

first of all, we want to know about the machine can produce how many calories per hour or know how much the amount of cold water to cool the machine. Such as with machines need to 2 tons per hour cold water to cool the machine, machine in water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the outlet of 50 degrees Celsius, so that we can work out the machine need to match the chiller.

cold water machine the use of the environment is an important factor selection, when the ambient temperature under the condition of relatively poor, such as: outdoor, ventilation, bad environment, such as high temperature circumstances need to choose the relative slightly larger units. Under the condition of environment temperature is appropriate, such as: air conditioning environment, you can choose the corresponding water chiller.

of course we are choosing the refrigerating capacity of the industrial ice machine not only should consider it, more to consider its inward and outward pressure, because some machine to the water pressure is to have certain requirements.

as well as cold water machine the problem of water quality, water tank in the cold water machine part adopts 304 stainless steel or better stainless steel is a key factor to ensure good water quality. Water pipes are made of high quality of PPR pipe fittings is also a key factor.
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