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The cold quantity calculation of injection molding machine cooling system and the cold water type pause

The cold quantity calculation of injection molding machine cooling system and the cold water pause type:

1, cold quantity calculated according to the cylinder capacity

cylinder should the equipment quantity say Ming the detail reference number in the book, root according to heat transfer and type: Q = C * M * delta T * S calculated cold quantity, type of Q = cooling system required cold quantity kcal/h; C = plastic materials heat kcal/kg ℃; M = plastic raw material plasticizing capacity kg/h; Delta T = melt temperature and the products of demoulding ℃ temperature difference; S = safety factor ( Typically take 1. 35-2. 0) 。

when a single unit match choose small value; Cold water machine fit with many sets of mould take great value.

for example, a pair of mold production of polyethylene products, Volume heat 0. 55℃千卡/公斤) , at the beginning of plastic end temperature is 200 ℃, plasticizing capacity is 21. 5g/s。

  Q=C*M* △ T*S=0. 55 kcal / kg℃ *21. 5g/s*3600s *200℃ *1. 5/1000 = 12771千卡/ h = 14。 85kW( The safety coefficient of 1. 5) 。

2, according to the clamping force estimation cold quantity

example: an injection molding machine models: UN90SK, clamping force 900 kn, injection molding machine can press the clamping force 80 t = 1 HP, 1 HP = 3 kw cooling capacity estimated 900/80 = 11. 25, 12 HP cold water machine, water industrial ice machine 36 kw refrigerating capacity can

air-cooled industrial ice machine

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