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The classification of the ice machine

Sorching summer is coming, let small make up to let you know cultivated tool - you cannot not know The ice maker. In the hot sun burn down a cup of cold cold drink, feel more readily? It all depends on the round ice cube maker.

according to different application fields, the ice machine can be divided into household freezer, commercial ice machine, ice machine used in industry. Among them, the most commercial ice machine application.

according to the shape of ice, ice making machine can be divided into granular ice ( Square form, bullet form) , the snowflake, flake ice, plate and shell ice ice, etc.

among them, the granular ice making machine according to ice, can be classified into immersion, water type and spray type. Immersion ice making technology, because of its ice in the shape of a high freezing point, melting speed, fog is not transparent, already was washed out gradually. Cylindrical ice usually adopt spray type ice, the ice is melting temperature is low, high hardness, the advantages of ice crystal clear, was liked by the majority of users. Used for wine, in particular, the addition of ice will not dilute wine, affect the taste of wine. Disadvantage is that the cylindrical ice ice production rate is low, so is more suitable for the bar, not suitable for industrial use. Tubes of ice making machine and flake ice machine is most suitable for industrial processing and metamorphic items transportation cooling. Are often used to show from the supermarket to live fresh seafood. Especially large flake ice, more widely used in meat, Marine fisheries, and even cement plants, chemical plants, etc.

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