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The choose and buy of cold water machine

First of all, most of the manufacturers produced into water-cooled and air-cooled industrial ice machine.
the wind cold water machine, fuselage contains insulation water tank and water pump, no need to add cooling towers. Installation and movement is very convenient. But it to the work environment the demand is higher, first of all, because it is cooling in hot air circulation, so, if the installation workshop ventilation effect is bad, will directly affect the cold water machine the refrigeration effect. In addition, if you want to put cold water machine with humidity requirements of dust-free workshop, so I advise you to modified water cooling. Because of the wind cold water machine, will be at the top of the machine spewed steam to heat dissipation.
water cold water machine, and can be divided into open cold water machine, sealed, Some called box cold water machine) And the screw water industrial ice machine. First statement, water-cooled industrial ice machine, are also the cooling water tower and water pump, to pump hot water cooling. To achieve a good cooling effect. Open the cold water machine, and also arranged a water tank, not the sealed, because his own built in a tank. Open generally installed in the workshop outside, easy to repair, but because of its beautiful enough, so they produced a sealed water-cooling chiller. Sealed water cold water machine is a box body structure, easy installation, use convenient, more popular in the current customer base. But if you claim to the refrigerating capacity is very large, be about to choose screw chiller, we usually call water chillers, at this time most of the manufacturers, if you are cold water machine reaches more than 100 HP compressor requirements, it is recommended that you use screw chillers.
second, cold water machine the basic configuration, according to the actual need to be with you, it is best to look for professional cold water machine manufacturers, more communication inquiry, finally sure to find appropriate chiller. 。
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