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The characteristics of the development trend of the fresh-keeping cold storage industry

1. Implement standardized management of cold chain logistics to ensure food safety. Food safety has become an important principle that must be followed in the development of food cold chain logistics in my country. In order to ensure food quality, it is now emphasized all links from food producers to consumers, namely from the origin of raw materials, production and processing, fresh-keeping storage, and refrigerated transportation. In all aspects of retail, you need to understand some precautions for fresh-keeping cold storage installation. 2. The construction speed of fresh-keeping cold storage will continue to increase. Since the beginning of the new century, my country's cold storage construction has made new developments. my country's cold storage capacity has increased rapidly in recent years, but compared with developed countries, there is still a lot of gap. According to the latest statistics from China, the United States, and Japan, in terms of per capita cold storage capacity, the United States has 9.24 times that of China and Japan has 7.71 times that of China. China has a lot of room for development in cold storage construction. 3. Fresh-keeping cold storage will gradually transition to social public facilities. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, from 1955 to 2003, the capacity of public cold storage in the United States increased by more than 508%. The capacity of public cold storage accounted for 75% of the capacity of cold storage in the United States, and cold storage for self-use accounted for 25%. Many cold storages in Europe and the United States are designed from the perspective of fresh-keeping logistics and distribution, and cold storages are gradually developed into social public facilities to improve resource utilization. 4. With the standardized management of fresh-keeping cold storage, great changes have taken place in the fresh-keeping cold storage industry. The previous refrigerated food transportation mode based on refrigerated ships is rapidly and steadily transformed into a transportation mode based on refrigerated food containers, which has triggered a revolution in the supply chain. The largest refrigerated fleet in the cold chain before has also rapidly decreased. .
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