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The characteristics of cryogenic refrigerator used in laboratory

Laboratory with ultra-low temperature freezer features:

1. Fluorine-free environment-friendly industrial ice machine, care for the environment;

2. Mute design, only 57 db noise;

3. Unique way of condensation: natural convection, half half air cooling, even if the wind the condenser is dirty, is not easy to cause the damage of the compressor;

4. According to the domestic high door design, high total 1. 89 meters, need not worry for carrying and placing site;

5. Use stainless steel container and interior door;

6. In the three layer partition plate adjustable height;

7. Four independent interior door in case of air conditioner is lost;

8. Lumen the rounded design, easy to clean;

9. R232 interface ( Optional) To help data analysis;

10. It is very convenient to remove the cleaning dust collector;

11. Equipped with locks and power locks;

12. Equipped with light and sound alarm;

13. Main components using well-known brands abroad, run more secure;

14. Domestic production, timely maintenance, after-sale more secure;

15. Using insulation door and secondary seal door, easy to use and reduce cold energy loss, save energy consumption.

16. Using air cooling condenser, cooling effect is good, fast cooling.

17. With thick insulation layer, which can effectively reduce the ultra-low temperature freezer cold mass loss, save power and prolong service life.

18. USES the high quality stainless steel tank and tube evaporator, convenient access to goods in the cabinet, ultra-low temperature freezer refrigeration effect is good, easy to clean.

19. The ultra-low temperature freezer adopts imported microcomputer temperature controller, accurate temperature control, digital display the temperature in the cabinet, beautiful and easy, easy to use, don't have to open the door to adjust and to check the temperature in the cabinet and working state.

20. Convenient microcomputer control, easy to operate.

21. Cryogenic refrigerator system is equipped with protection devices, ultra-low temperature freezer system is stable and reliable operation.

22. Refrigeration system adopts imported components, good reliability, long service life.
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