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The characteristics of compression refrigeration

Yan vapor compression refrigeration compression process can be used in a variety of different kinds of new compressor. Such as living type, screw type or centrifugal compressor. Yan gas compression refrigeration development since the 1870 s. So far has a history of more than 100 years. Surface and has

development to the point of a spare. Because has many obvious advantages. Yan pressure plait type side cooling refrigeration way is the most widely used at home and abroad. Its main characteristics are as follows:

1) To achieve refrigeration commensurability wide fan. From falling in to just below the environment to a 150 ℃ can be implemented. According to buy please choose a different side falling in to different degrees cold agent and pressure series. Different compression series and refrigerating capacity can achieve low evaporation temperature.

2) Single machine capacity, big mouth, ship to pick up. Cooked Eke type gas side cooler 2 from the single side of the cold. Little about 100 w, proud to kW. There are large, medium and small capacity, and can according to the criterion to choose. Very hard.

3) In the medium and small capacity. Fan Yue equipment is compact, permeable should shake to different occasions. Currently widely used in the moist air section, refrigerator, food cold, LengE, petroleum, chemical industry and so on various fields.

4) Efficiency is higher. Yan cold air compression type side. Main advantage is in general LengShuo city, falsely high degrees cold coefficient is larger. Turn cold air condition, reading theory coefficient can be up to 4. 26. Actual and cold coefficient of 2. About 3. So. Yan gas compression type cold side

running economy is away.

5) When using inkstone degree is low. Its edge in performance variation. Typically when using degrees below a 1 l ℃. Series. Machine each become very miscellaneous X. But that sex is low, maintenance with trouble, cost also is greatly.

6) To use special refrigerator, the refrigeration jing often have dirt on the environment. Next to the human body. For example, the commonly used. Will burn mother Fried, have moved, have strong absorption shrine zi. Commonly used CFC and jing as turned cold, the atmospheric level layer has a damage.

vapor compression refrigeration:
in the yan pneumatic tension refrigeration. Working medium ( Refrigeration plus) The yan qi, be pressure to high pressure. By external cooling medium ( Cooling water or air) Cooling and roll into a body. Then through mud. Reduce pressure and back degrees. Using the working medium under low pressure gasification can heat side of the roll body cold. Yan after gasification gas by pressure knot machine which people mood again. Cycle. When the cooling method is adopted, the working medium used must have such characteristics: in often falling and ordinary low can be liquefied. Figure bligh] A shows is the yan gas compression refrigeration process.
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