The bell jar type lyophilizer compared with in situ the merits of the lyophilizer

by:CBFI     2020-09-28
Small lyophilizer ( Laboratory lyophilizer) From the structure points, can be divided into: the bell jar type lyophilizer, in situ the lyophilizer.

the lyophilizer bell jar type:

advantage: most experimental lyophilizer for bell jar type, its simple structure, low cost. Most use transparent organic glass, freeze-dried storehouse for observation materials of freeze-dried.

weakness: the bell jar type material for the lyophilizer is frozen into the drying process after the need manual operation. In situ freeze-dry machine:

advantages: material precool, drying process without manual operation.

disadvantages: the making craft of the lyophilizer is complex, the manufacturing cost is high, but the lyophilizer is in situ lyophilizer development direction, is the ideal choice of the freeze-drying technology was groping, especially suitable for medicine, biological products and other special products of freeze-dried.

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