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The basic principle of small direct ice making machine

For the small direct ice making ice machine equipment, the equipment is installed as a whole. All the equipment is installed on a steel frame and can be transported in containers. It is more convenient for later installation. But the large direct cbfi ice machine is divided into unit module, evaporator module and cooling tower module. The specific ice making principle will be explained in detail below. Cooling tower modules mainly include cooling towers, cooling water pumps, cooling water pipes, and so on. Unit modules include compressors, accumulators, condensers, refrigeration pipes, valves, control electrical boxes, etc. The evaporator module mainly includes the evaporator and related supporting equipment. Our direct ice making block ice machine uses an aluminum plate as an evaporator to directly exchange heat between the refrigerant and water. The water in the ice bucket is frozen into ice. The deicing system uses hot fluorine to be added to the inner wall of the hot ice bucket. In order to make the ice cubes fall off easily. Note: 1: Regularly check the inlet and outlet pipe joints to facilitate the disposal of a small amount of excess water leaking. 2: The compressor has the phenomenon of water shortage, excessive ice, and power failure. If the equipment is stopped, it must not be started continuously. It needs to be restarted every 5 minutes to prevent damage to the compressor. 3: When the ambient temperature drops below 0°C, icing will occur. Drainage operations are required to let off the excess water, otherwise it will cause the water pipe to rupture. 4: When the crushed ice is not in use, it is necessary to drain the excess water in the inner container in time, use a clean cloth to dry the inner container of the refrigerator, drain the excess water in the water tank, and tighten the drain joint cover.
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