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The basic composition mechanism of air-cooled water cooling system

Basic mechanism of cold air cooled cold water system consists of air-cooled condenser, receiver, filter drier, evaporator, thermal expansion valve, refrigerant ( ) Composition, introduces the parts below:

air-cooled condenser: air-cooled condenser plays an output in the process of refrigeration heat energy and the role of the refrigerant to condense. From the refrigeration compressor exhaust pressure superheated steam into the air cooling condenser, after its entire in the working process of the absorption of heat, including from the evaporator and the compressor and the heat absorbed in the pipe are passed to the surrounding medium ( With air or water) Take away; The refrigerant pressure superheated vapor to condense into liquid.

receiver: the receiver is installed after the air cooling condenser, the condenser of the drainage pipe is directly connected. Condenser refrigerant liquid should be freely into the receiver, so that you can make full use of air-cooled condenser cooling area. , on the other hand, when the evaporator of the heat load change, industrial ice machine liquid requirements changes, at that time, the receiver will have the effect of dispensing and storage of refrigerants. Cold device system for small air-cooled water mechanism, are often not tinted liquid liquid receiver, but the use of air-cooled condenser to adjust and storage of refrigerants.

dry filters: in the mechanism of cold air cooled cold water cycle must prevent moisture and contamination, Oil, iron, copper scrap) To enter, such as the source of the water main is the newly added refrigerant and lubricating oil contain trace moisture, or because the maintenance system of air into the water. If the system of water clean, has not been ruled out as the refrigerant through the throttle valve ( Thermal expansion valve or capillary) , due to the pressure and temperature drop sometimes frozen into ice water, make the channel block, affect the normal operation of refrigeration equipment. Therefore, in the cold water mechanism of cold air cooled system must be installed in the filter drier.

the evaporator, the evaporator is relying on the refrigerant liquid evaporation ( In fact is boiling) To absorb the cooling medium heat heat exchange equipment. Its function is to absorb heat in refrigeration system ( Or cold output) 。 In order to guarantee the stability of evaporation process can be lasting, must constantly in the refrigeration compressor evaporation gas draining, to maintain certain evaporating pressure.

the thermal expansion valve, thermal expansion valve in the mechanism of cold air cooled cold water system is not only the flow regulating valve, throttle valve in cooling equipment, it in the refrigeration equipment installed in the filter drier, between the evaporator and its thermal bag is wound in the evaporator outlet. Its main role is to make high pressure under normal temperature of the refrigerant liquid flows through the heat expansion valve throttling depressurization, into the low temperature low pressure refrigerant vapor ( Most of the liquid, a small steam) Into the evaporator, vaporization heat within the evaporator, and achieve the goal of refrigeration cooling.

cold media: used in modern industry of most industrial chillers are used as refrigerant R22 and R12. is the flow of working medium in the refrigeration system, its main function is to carry heat, and realize the endothermic and exothermic when state changes.

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