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The autumn of 2014 the national higher education equipment exhibition notice

For carrying out the Midwest higher education revitalization plan ( 2012 - 2020) Cooperate, for the 'development plan of education informatization decade ( 2011 - 2020) ', promote the instruments and equipment to better service for teaching and scientific research in colleges and universities personnel training and scientific research, the autumn of 2014 the national higher education equipment exhibition ( Probe shows) On November 9 to 11, 2014 was held in chengdu in sichuan province. Conference sponsored by the China's higher education institute, in collaboration with the laboratory management branch of China's higher education institute, sichuan province education department to undertake, meeting technology supplies power execution unit is sichuan province department of education, education equipment industry association, sichuan province, sichuan province colleges and universities laboratory research work. Will now matters related to notice the following:
a, meeting schedule for
on behalf of the supplier: on November 7, 2014 - Daily to, installation;
buyer's representative: 8 November 2014 daily to ( 7 daily liaison to) ;
show time: on November 9 to 11, 2014, 11 night began evacuating.
2, expo theme
the authoritative exhibition to make higher education field, and to domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors, laboratory in colleges and universities between buyers and end users construct platform for efficient communication and negotiation, to promote the sustainable development of the industry, the current & other Grohe exhibition & throughout; The idea for & other; To build a first-class high-tech equipment communication platform, to build first-class work throughout the academic exchange platform &; 。
2014 national higher education will be on November 9 - autumn 11 in chengdu century city new international exhibition center,
the booth: 3092, welcome new and old customers to visit, negotiate and cooperate.
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