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The automatic control system of vacuum freeze dryer

Many vacuum freeze drier with automatic control system, and at the same time with a manual control function, but automatic control on the way there's a big difference between each factory, the user must be clear.

the so-called vacuum freeze drying machine automatic control should include two parts, one is the vacuum freeze drying machine of the equipment in accordance with the requirements in the stipulated time freeze-drying process automatically go stop, 2 it is freeze-drying box plate layer temperature according to the requirements of freeze-drying curve automatic tracking, the lyophilization process does not need manual operation, of course, if you need to also can be manual intervention.

but some of the automatic control of vacuum freeze drying machine is incomplete, only can automatically track the freeze-drying curve, the rest of the manual operation.

some of the vacuum freeze drying machine automatic control can only be to the end of the freeze-dried, after freeze-drying box pressure, condenser defrosting and steam sterilization can not automatically, need manual operation, especially the steam sterilization, because involves many valve control, manual operation more troublesome, should choose to freeze dryer automatic disinfection procedures.

some of the vacuum freeze drying machine automatic control is to use special microcomputer, convenient operation, programming, display language is freeze-dried language for special purpose, and comes with screen printers and floppy disks, can store dozens of frozen program, each program can display content, the whole program content can be played by the printer. And freeze dryer is a kind of automatic control instrument, operation, programming, all the trouble, less can store freeze-dried process.

recording instrument for vacuum freeze drying machine is also a very important instrument, it can make the whole freeze-drying recorded the actual process of vacuum, so that in the future, recording instrument using multipoint recorder mostly, it can get set up, and can directly to written records, and digital display system.

users should know, chosen by according to the specific situation.

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