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The application prospect of ice maker in aquatic products refrigeration and preservation industry

The application prospects of ice machines in the aquatic products refrigeration and preservation industry    my country's aquatic product output in 2018 was 80 million tons, of which the output of aquatic products from farming was about 60 million tons, and the output of fished aquatic products was about 20 million tons. Due to population growth, urbanization and increased consumption capacity, the consumption of aquatic products in my country is also increasing. It is estimated that the consumption of aquatic products in my country will reach about 100 million tons in the next ten years. Aquatic seafood is inseparable from the fishing, production and processing, transportation, and retail of refrigeration and preservation; then with the growth of demand for aquatic products, the future ice maker will continue to expand in the application of refrigeration and preservation of aquatic products, so ice maker The application prospects in the aquatic products refrigerated preservation and cooling industry are very great.  The application of ice maker in seafood and aquatic products  1. The application of ice maker in ocean fishing of aquatic products:    The current annual catch of seafood and aquatic products in my country is about 20 million tons, ranking second in the world. Fishing boats must use ice to store fresh-keeping aquatic products. Fishing boats usually go out to sea for 2-60 days. If they go to sea for a longer period of time, they need to install a special ice maker for fishing boats or carry a large amount of ice, and use ice to hold the water. The product is quickly frozen and refrigerated to achieve the effect of freshness preservation, and can well maintain the taste of seafood and aquatic products. It is the best refrigerated preservation and cooling method for fishing seafood at sea.  2. Application of ice maker in the refrigerated and fresh-keeping transportation of aquatic products and seafood:   Aquatic products and seafood fresh-keeping transportation time can be as short as half a day or a few hours, and as long as one or two days or half a month. Regardless of the length of time, it is necessary to control the preservation and transportation temperature of aquatic products to achieve the purpose of preservation. For example, closed incubator trucks or ordinary box trucks, adding ice flakes or ice cubes to achieve the purpose of cooling and keeping fresh, is currently a common way of keeping fresh seafood from wholesale to retail.  3. Application of ice maker in aquatic products wholesale and retail refrigeration preservation:    Seafood and aquatic products taste good, rich in nutrition, and rich in protein, which are deeply loved by consumers. The retail freshness of aquatic seafood is also very important. The quality of cold storage directly affects the price and taste of seafood. For example, supermarket aquatic products preservation: spreading flakes of ice on the ice table, and then spreading seafood and aquatic products on the ice flakes, is currently the most common retail aquatic product preservation method, which can keep aquatic products fresh and convenient for consumers to purchase. The way to maximize the retention of the taste and freshness of seafood and aquatic products.  4. Application of ice maker in the processing of aquatic products: flake ice can reduce the temperature of the processing medium, washing water and aquatic products, prevent the growth of bacteria, and keep the aquatic products fresh during processing. The application prospect of Tube Ice Machine in the refrigerated and fresh-keeping industry of seafood and aquatic products is huge. Guangzhou Bingquan is a manufacturer specializing in the production, sales and maintenance of ice-making machines. We have been working hard to serve the refrigeration and fresh-keeping and cooling industry of aquatic products and seafood; if If you have an ice maker or a variety of ice maker needs, you can directly consult us.
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