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The application of water in the bottle blowing machine

Cold water machine in the application principle of bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing machine working process in general is to place bottle embryo in embryo bottle container, the conveyer automatic into the bottle embryo positioning device, then the embryo bottle mouth up loaded into the embryo bottle holder, and then into the drying tunnel, after heating, bottle embryo was sent to blow flattening machine, clamping, then successively after low pressure attenuation and high pressure attenuation, cooling molding back out of the high pressure gas bottle, finally open mold, into the bottle by automatic demoulding system platform from bottle blowing off. In cooling molding process, the machine is to use cold water to provide chilled water for cooling bottle wall forming, and prevent overheating mould damage.

bottle blowing machine, water cooling system, including compressor, condenser, cooling water tank, compressor condenser via pipeline connection, the condenser cooling water tank via pipeline connection, cooling water tank through pipes and connected to the compressor, the condenser have two sets, parallel set between the compressor and the cooling water tank. Bottle blowing machine water cooling system at the same time using two sets of condenser to improve its cooling ability, reduce the workload of compressor so as to prolong the service life of the compressor.
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