The application of vacuum freezing dryer in alligator blood producing advantage

by:CBFI     2020-10-02
Believe everyone understand functions of alligator blood, the effect of alligator blood: anti-inflammatory, qingrejiedu, suppressing tumor effect and so on, to lung cancer, leukemia, etc have special curative effect. According to the scientific research found that small amounts of alligator blood protein can against methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, and 8 species of 6 strains of candida albicans. Study and surprise found: for alligator blood cancer cells, Ezra disease virus has strong inhibition and killing efficacy. American science also called crocodile protein peptide effectively kill the HIV virus in a flash, is surprising new discovery in the 21st century.

but fresh alligator blood is not easy to store, the traditional drying process is easy to cause the alligator blood loss active ingredients. With the emergence and development of vacuum freeze drying machine technology, and application in freeze-dried alligator blood processing. By vacuum freeze-drying machine into a crocodile producing blood, and solved the problem of long-term storage, because of drying in vacuum cryogenic environment, so it was very good retained the alligator blood active ingredients inside.

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