The application of the lyophilizer in high water absorbing materials

by:CBFI     2020-10-11
High water absorption material is a new kind of functional polymer products in the 20th century, the water quantity is usually several dozen times the quality of their own to thousands of times, according to the different raw materials, can be divided into synthetic resin series, starch, cellulose high polymer water absorbing materials. Cellulose is on earth the most abundant natural renewable polysaccharide containing many hydroxyl polymer. Based on natural starch and cellulose are high absorbent polymer materials, there is an obvious advantage in the biological degradation, especially cellulose class, based on cellulose unique shape, can preparation powder, fibrous and thin film and so on the many kinds of high polymer absorbent material.
the lyophilizer in the application of high water absorbing material, cellulose mill first, carries on the micro fiber, can raise water imbibition, bleached sulfate pulp by micro fiber, through the lyophilizer vacuum freeze drying, get products maximum suction 21 g/g, absorbency 8 g/g of high water absorbing materials.

the lyophilizer:
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