The application of freeze dryer in HBV treatment

by:CBFI     2020-10-15
Single vidarabine phosphate is an adenine nucleoside antiviral drugs, in our country is mainly used in chronic viral hepatitis and stomatitis caused by herpes virus infection, dermatitis, encephalitis and cytomegalovirus infection.

at present, the single vidarabine phosphate has become the biggest selling treatment of hepatitis b virus after interferon medicine, more than ever more popular respectively. there treatment of herpes virus infection and drug use. Use after freeze drying mechanism producing injection, product dose accurately, solubility and stability is good, and has the advantages of convenient for storage.

freeze dryer is an ancient and modern technology, outstanding advantages, wide application. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, freeze drying machine is also used in food, medicine, new materials, etc. With the continuous development of freeze-drying technology, freeze-dry theory is increasingly perfect, believe freeze drier technology applications will be more widely, shine in more fields.

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