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The application of cryogenic refrigerator preserved in Marine biological samples

Has long been a Marine biological sample storage and access are the key and important issue. Fetching strains of Marine biological samples and using the ultra-low temperature freezer in a timely manner the ultra-low temperature and cryogenic storage, to ensure that the activity of samples and research value.

ultra-low temperature freezer use non-fresno, green environmental protection, for the deep precious biological sample storage and Marine environmental protection play a proper role. And optimize the structure of the design, manufacture sophisticated technology, backup system, such as multiple ocean voyage equipment operation safety protection to ensure foolproof. Flow can be used for used for lab short-term deposit sample and reagent, adopting air cooling system, the temperature in the cabinet is more uniform; Prevent condensation, easily cope with sea door damp environment from the condensation phenomenon; Perfect alarm system with double door lock is designed, make the experiment reagent storage more secure.

is a professional of cryogenic refrigerator factory, can provide customers with ultra-low temperature freezer overall solution, and the calibration do! Ultra-low temperature freezer cryopreservation box, ultra-low temperature freezer, also known as ultra-low temperature freezers, cryogenic cooler can be used in scientific research, the special ice cream and tuna and other products of low temperature preservation and special material of low temperature experiment, etc, are widely used in frozen food, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, biological engineering research, electronic chemical industry, ocean fishing, etc.

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