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The application of cryogenic refrigerator new technology

Industrial cryogenic refrigerator ship perishable goods transportation temperature is one of the most stable, the goods pollution, loss of polar, applicable to a variety of transport tools, use refrigerated containers shipped frozen foods, fresh food or some special goods, all have its unique advantages, the flexibility of cryogenic container has replaced the ship refrigerating in large scope, railway refrigerator car and refrigerated vehicles, and refrigerated cargo in aviation, used in a perishable cargo transportation, is one of the most promising means of transportation in the new century.

the new development of cryogenic containers technology performance in the following aspects;

1) Have made a major new cryogenic container structure changes, the traditional steel, aluminum structure, shell plate, for stainless steel, aluminum and gold, the shell plate, longitudinal beam, strong orbit ventilation for the aluminum alloy is more, and the application on body heat insulation processing high insulation performance, overall foaming insulation material. Make the intensity, stiffness, thermal insulation performance, and have significant improvement of ventilation system.

2) New cryogenic containers pay more attention to performance improvements, reefer container traditional mechanical temperature controller and the conventional electrical components, has been changed to multidimensional, more control parameters of electronic control, microcomputer and the corresponding electronic components, can be on the air in the oven temperature, humidity, air quality parameters such as comprehensive treatment, the air in the oven parameters track adjusting control, new set, in the fresh air exchange system, reliably monitor air composition in the oven, remove harmful gas, fresh air, adjust air humidity, more effective food preservation.

3) New ultra-low temperature freezer refrigeration unit, has been completely work under electronic components of the computer control, the safe operation of the machine can be in the best condition, a new refrigeration system can be according to the compressor exhaust pressure, automatically adjust the speed of the cooling fan, compressor can be according to the signal of the heat load of the microcomputer, automatically adjust the rotate speed, adjust the refrigerating capacity, when the compressor discharge temperature is too high, is a signal of the microcomputer, open spray solenoid valve, reduce the discharge temperature of compressor, cooling compressor at the same time.

ultra-low temperature freezer in the transport process can be very good cooling refrigeration, reach frozen for a second as he walked, do shipping work.
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