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The application of compression refrigeration cycle in the cold water machine

In industrial production, a lot of cold water machine applied in energy conservation and emissions reduction, compression refrigeration cycle is adopted, the refrigeration compressor suction industrial ice machine vapor from the evaporator, compression and transmission to the condenser, the outside world via the compressor refrigeration system heat input implementation can reverse flow compensation. Refrigeration compressor is the core of refrigerating equipment, can in the operation of the refrigeration system, economy, vibration, noise, maintenance and service life have a direct impact, often referred to as refrigerator & other; Heart & throughout; 。

there are many kinds of refrigeration compressor, often according to its working principle, structure, sealing and cooling temperature, etc. According to the principle of work, compressor can be divided into two major categories of volume type and velocity type. Volume type compressor by forcing shrink volume of gas, achieve the purpose of increase the gas pressure; O speed type compressor, the improvement of gas pressure main conversion of chu by the speed of the gas and beam, common centrifugal compressor. According to the form of movement can be divided into the reciprocating compressor, Piston type) And rotary, rotary and screw type, such as rolling rotor type, vortex type type.

according to refrigeration compressor seal mode can be divided into open shoulder type, semi-closed and closed. Open air compressor crankshaft power input out of the body, through the transmission device ( Coupling or pulley) With prime mover connected to the crankshaft out side the shaft sealing device to prevent industrial ice machine leakage. Totally enclosed compressor with the motor with Shared a = E shaft installed in the chassis, chassis welding sealing joint, and therefore can not shaft sealing device, reduce the possibility of a refrigerant leakage; Semi-hermetic compressor body and motor shell cast, constitute a closed body, with the totally enclosed compressor difference lies mainly in its has a removable cylinder cover ( In order to repair) Such as, sealed performance is superior to open.

the classification and application of refrigeration compressor

before and after the 21st century, thanks to the world demand for food, comfortable and T, energy, transportation, electronics, communications, materials science, the development of high and new technology such as aerospace, cooling, and narrow, lk won the unprecedented rapid development. As the core equipment of refrigeration compressor, refrigeration equipment already obtained the good development opportunities, and face the environmental protection, energy efficiency standards to upgrade the upward pressure on prices, energy and basic materials. Refrigeration compressor technology gained great progress, the main characteristics as follows: the modern designing technology such as CAD, CAM and other modern manufacturing technology, modern measurement and control technology, capacity, Frequency conversion) Adjusting technology, new material and ring

the development and application of refrigerating agent.
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