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The application of cold water machine in the injection molding industry

Commonly used mold in injection molding industry backwater device from cold water drainage into the mould machine for cooling, then flow back to the internal cooling chillers, such making that mold cooling effect, plastic mold of the backwater device, including cold water machine, plastic mold, switching device and solar energy device.

the cold machine inlet pipe, plastic mold through the inlet pipe connected with cold water machine, plastic mold connect outlet pipe, outlet pipe connection pool, pool is connected with cold water machine, water with cold water machine is equipped with water pipe, use, by setting the solar device to convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in batteries, in response to emergencies or under the condition of power, switching power supply, by switching device by the inverter to convert direct current (dc) within the battery with alternating current (ac), for equipment normal use. Its structure is simple, energy saving, environmental protection, use, convenient installation, simple operation, have the function of the safe and reliable.
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