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The Application Field of CBFI Direct-cooling Block Ice Machine


      Direct-cooling block ice machine is a kind of direct cooling equipment for the production of ice blocks. It is not only fast in ice-making, but also clean and hygienic. It is a type of ice product with the largest external dimension and small contact area with the outside world. It is suitable for ice factory of port and wharf,  fresh preservation, cooling, long-distance transportation of aquatic products and food, cooling and cooling in special field, ice combination with ice storage, shredder and ice cutter. Ice blocks can be used in all places where ice is needed.


       Fresh fruits and vegetables are necessities of life, but they are also perishable. Due to the action of microorganisms, various organic substances in fruits and vegetables will undergo chemical reactions under the action of different microorganism making fruits and vegetables rotten, thus losing their original nutritional value and commodity value. Therefore, how to maintain natural quality, convenience and low energy consumption has become the primary consideration for merchants and consumers in the process of transportation, display and purchase. When fresh fruits and vegetables are harvested and processed, using ice cubes can reduce their metabolism and bacteria growth rate, thus extending the freshness of produce and vegetables. This not only reduce the cost loss for merchants, but also enables consumers to buy and taste fresh and safe fruits and vegetables.

       Ice is also widely used for further processing of fisheries because of its physical properties of providing sufficient moisture and reducing temperature, keeps seafood in an ideal moist state, and prevents seafood from spoiling, rotting, dehydration and frostbite. In addition, melted water can also clean the surface of aquatic products dirt, remove the bacteria and odor, achieve long-term storage effect. As a result, large amounts of ice are often used in the fishing, storage, transportation and processing of Marine fisheries. Ice cubes can also be used for preservation and display of seafood and fresh meat in supermarkets. As the surface of the ice sheet is dry and smooth, the surface of fresh meat and fish is not scratched, maintaining the permeability of the lower layer, ensuring the original taste of the product, and preventing dehydration and loss of oxygen in the product.

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        Ice is not only widely used in conventional fields, but also widely recognized and accepted in many special fields. In summer, when the tunnel was built, the heat was unbearable and the ventilation was poor. Once the construction workers enter the cave, they will be drenched with sweat. Dizziness, shortness of breath and other symptoms may occur in hot weather. The ice absorbs heat as it melts, and the temperature inside the tunnel drops as the ice melts. Large ice block with a large fan, the cold air into the tunnel, the temperature can be reduced by 5-6. Some zoos also provide animals with large blocks of ice to cool in the summer. The animals feel cool by licking or sticking their bodies to the blocks. In addition, because of the large volume of ice volume of ice blocks and neat, and can add color to color, also often used to carve into various shapes of ice sculpture for artistic display and appreciation.   



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