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The advantages of laboratory lyophilizer vacuum drying

With the development of vacuum freeze drying technology, laboratory in colleges and universities, laboratories, the lyophilizer plays an important role in scientific research field. It is also widely used in life science, biological pharmacy, chemical material, food nutrition and other laboratory research field.

laboratory lyophilizer advantages of vacuum drying:

1, a lot of hot material degeneration or inactivation will not occur.
2, dry at low temperature, the material of some volatile component loss is very small.
3, in the process of freeze-drying, the role of the growth of microbes and enzymes to, so can keep the original character.
4, because in the frozen state to dry, so the volume is almost the same, to keep the original structure, enrichment phenomenon will not occur.
5, due to the material in the water after the precool exist in ice crystals form, the original dissolve in the water dissolved inorganic material is evenly distributed in the material. Sublimation, soluble in water soluble materials are precipitation, general drying method is avoided because of material carried by internal moisture migration to the surface of inorganic salts in the surface precipitation and surface hardening phenomenon.
6, after drying of material is porous, the sponge, add water dissolve quickly and completely, after almost immediately restore the original character.
7, due to the drying under vacuum, oxygen is few, so easy oxidation of some substances have been protected.
8, dry can remove more than 95% ~ 99% moisture content, dry products can be long-term preservation and not bad.
9, due to the material in the frozen state, the temperature is very low, so require heating of the heat source temperature is not high, the normal temperature or low temperature heater can meet the requirements. If separate freezer and drying chamber, drying chamber without thermal insulation, won't have a lot of heat loss, therefore, the use of heat energy is economic.
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