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The advantages of freeze drying machine

1, freeze drying is dry at low temperature, won't make the products of protein denaturation, but can lose microorganisms such as biological activity. This is particularly suited to the poor thermal stability of the biological activity of products, biochemical products, genetic engineering products and blood products such as dry preservation.

2, because the freeze dryer is low temperature drying, make the material in the volatile composition and thermal denaturation of nutrients and fragrant component loss is very small, so the freeze drying is a chemical products, medicine and food quality drying methods.

3, in the process of low temperature drying, freeze drying machine can make the effect of the growth of microbes and enzymes can hardly, so best to keep the material of the original character.

4, dry products to keep the original size, shape, fragrance, material is spongy, swear, after water with water contact area is large, can also quickly into its original shape.

5, usually under the vacuum drying, so very little oxygen, make easy oxidation material protected.

6, freeze drying function to remove material in 95% ~ 99. 5% of moisture, make after freeze drying product shelf life is long, the weight less easy to transport.

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