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The advantages of drug lyophilizer vacuum freeze drying

Drug working principle of the lyophilizer is under high vacuum condition, by using the theory of sublimation, to freeze in advance of the moisture in the material without the melting of the ice, directly in an ice sublimation, for water vapor is removed, so as to achieve the goal of freeze drying.
pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine applicable to the thermal sensitive material. Because the freeze drying under low temperature, so for many heat-sensitive material, specially for not happen degeneration or lose their biological activity. As a result, has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Drug lyophilizer advantages of vacuum freeze drying, mainly as follows:
1, the material loss is small. Dry at low temperature, volatile component loss is small, some of the material is suitable for some chemical products, medicine and food drying.
2, maintain physical shape. In the process of freeze drying, the role of the growth of microbes and enzymes to, almost the same size, maintained the original structure, not happen enrichment phenomenon, oxygen and rarely. Freeze-dried function, therefore, maintain the original character, no oxidation, also will not change the material structure.
3, the material easily dissolved. After drying of material is porous, the sponge, add water dissolve quickly and completely, after almost immediately return the original character.
4, long-term preservation. Can eliminate 95 - drying After more than 99% of moisture, make dry products can be long-term preservation and not bad. Therefore, freeze-drying at present in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, scientific research and other departments are widely used.

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