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The advantages and disadvantages of centrifugal chiller

Different from piston centrifugal industrial ice machine, screw water chillers are the main components of centrifugal compressor. Centrifugal chiller is a large amount of cold cold water machine, it has the following main advantages:
( 1) Compressor capacity is large, single refrigerating capacity big, compact structure, light weight, less weight, unit refrigerating capacity under the same refrigerating capacity more than 80% lighter than the piston unit, cover an area of an area small;
( 2) High performance coefficient;
( 3) The impeller rotation, smooth operation, little vibration, low noise;
( 4) Convenient adjustment, the cold in a larger range of internal energy is more economic to realize stepless adjustment;
( 5) No valve, packing, piston ring, such as wearing parts, work more reliable.
the disadvantages of the main centrifugal chiller is:
( 1) Because of high speed, the strength of material, machining accuracy and manufacture of strict quality;
( 2) Single stage compressor at low load prone to surge.
( 3) When running condition deviates from the design conditions, efficiency decreases rapidly;
( 4) Refrigerating capacity decrease with evaporation temperature to reduce the size of the faster than piston, refrigerating capacity with the decreasing number of revolutions and fell sharply.

cold water machine:
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