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The advantage of sheep placenta lyophilizer

The benefits of a, sheep placenta:

sheep placenta is also called the sheep afterbirth, is the sheep embryo production development stage of fetal and maternal substance exchange important organizational structure. Sheep placenta is rich in nutrients and a variety of bioactive substances. Sheep placenta contains more than 80% protein, the amino acid content is rich, full range, reasonable matching, adipose content is 10%, which contains rich phosphate ester, ester polysaccharides. Sheep placenta contains immunoglobulin, a variety of antibodies and interferon, and contain a variety of active peptide, the factors related to the coagulation process, promote red blood cell regeneration of auxin, regulating endocrine dysfunction related active substances and a variety of active enzymes. As a result, the sheep placenta can be used as medicine, health care products, food, beverage, cosmetic raw materials and additives.
2, the disadvantages of the traditional drying process: in the land of Inner Mongolia and other livestock production, sheep placenta resources are very abundant, but due to the problem of storage and transportation of ( If using the traditional processing method of drying, baked-on) , cause its nutrients and bioactive substances are destroyed. As a result, the sheep placenta has not been fully development and utilization of resources. It is understood that there are a few places hydrolyzed using sheep placenta preparation, is mainly used in cosmetics, oral liquid additives. But the hydrolysate of complex production process, low production, and makes a lot of sheep placenta tissue loss. Hydrolyzed placenta contains sheep placenta of effective ingredients of only 7%, sheep placenta low resource utilization. The other sheep placenta hydrolysate bacteria breeding, shoulds not be long its storage and transportation.

3, sheep placenta freeze-dried machine in the application of sheep placenta, has the following advantages:

1, after freeze-dried sheep placenta volume basically remain unchanged, keep the structure of the original material, to avoid the solute concentration and make the sheep placenta metamorphism.
2, loose structure, after freeze drying after adding water to dissolve, immediately restore the original nature.
3, sheep placenta was conducted at low temperature, drying temperature and control under 36 ℃, in the late so for some thermolabile protein and dry to keep suitable living microorganisms.
4, after drying of material moisture content was less than 5%, is advantageous to the long-term preservation of sheep placenta is convenient for storage and transport.
5, sheep placenta freeze-dried was conducted under the condition of vacuum, therefore not easy oxidation, because is the sublimation drying, so do not produce bubbles.

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