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Ten precautions for installing and using ice machine

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Ten precautions for installing and using the ice machine

1) When moving and installing the ice machine, there should be at least two or more people. Prevent injuries to the back or other places.

2) In order to ensure the normal ventilation of the ice machine, the front end of the installation is completely barrier-free and select a well-ventilated area with a temperature higher than 10°C and a well-ventilated area lower than 38°C. Must be installed in a protected area from elements such as wind, rain, spray or dripping water.

3) The ice maker cannot be located next to the oven, grill or other high heat sources. The ice machine must be installed with all electrical and water connections in compliance with national and local regulations. Standard power supply (115 VAC, 60Hz, 15 A), local codes and regulations are required for proper grounding according to the National Electrical Code.

4) Do not kink or squeeze the power cord or drain line between the cbfi ice machine and the cabinet. The size of the fuse (or circuit breaker) should be 15 amps.

5) In order to work properly, the ice maker must be leveled. In addition, you need to make a few adjustments.

6) All installations must comply with local piping code requirements. Ensure that the hose is not pinched or kinked or damaged during installation. Check for leaks after connecting.

7) Before use, remove the packaging materials and clean the ice machine.

8) Turn on the water supply tap, and then turn on the cbfi ice machine. When the cbfi ice machine is working, never turn the water.

9) If the ice maker is not used for a long time, it must be thoroughly cleaned before the next use. Do not leave any solution in the ice maker after cleaning with a disinfectant solution.

10) Do not use solvent-based cleaners or abrasives inside. These cleaners may spread the smell to the ice cube, or damage or discolor the inside. Ice machine cleaner contains acid. Do not use any other solvent-based cleaner products. Protect your hands with rubber gloves.

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