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Talking about the power installation and detection of the snowflake ice machine

Installation and use of the snowflake ice machine: Because the snowflake ice machine undergoes vibrations during logistics and transportation, the user takes the snowflake ice machine out of the wooden box after receiving the goods, and leaves the snowflake ice machine quietly for 1 day. Start to install and use. When installing, connect the inlet and outlet pipes, (make sure there is no water leakage at the interface when connecting the water pipe). Then, plug in the power cord, turn on the switch, and the snowflake ice maker will run fully automatically. When not in use, you can directly turn off the switch of the snowflake ice maker. Snowflake ice machine power installation inspection: (1) The power supply must be the same as that marked on the Snowflake ice machine plate. (2) The power seeding head of the snow ice machine should be directly plugged into the power supply with a grounding wire to remove the base, and should not be plugged into a temporary wiring board. All lines must comply with national or regional standards. (3) It must be grounded reliably, and the grounding wire must comply with electrical standards. (4) The voltage fluctuation of the Snow shall not exceed ±10% of the rated voltage, otherwise a voltage stabilizer shall be installed. Snowflake ice machine performance characteristics: (1) Adopting R134a fluorine-free compressor, the main components have relevant safety certification, and the product is safe and reliable. (2) The heat insulation layer of the box machine is made of fluorine-free foam, which has a good heat preservation effect. (3) Adopting technical row-cavity diaphragm type ice-making evaporator, with high refrigeration efficiency and large ice production. (4) The unique water tank floating ball water inlet system guarantees no residual water, no deicing process, no water loss, water saving and energy saving. (5) There are protective shutdown functions such as full ice display, water shortage display, over-cooling protection display, and fault warning display. The cbfi ice machine will automatically stop when the ice is full and lack of water, and it will automatically turn on when there is electricity or water, and it has an automatic memory recovery function. Key words: Snowflake , Snowflake Manufacturers, Fully Automatic Snowflake , Snowflake Price
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