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Summer running cold water machine common fault analysis and processing method

Due to the arrival of summer, the weather is warming rapidly, the effect of the cold water machine is worth further experience. But due to the use of cold water machine in the summer times frequency much higher than other three seasons. For the convenience of the masses of users, cold water machine under cold water vendors would summarize daily fault phenomenon and processing methods: 1:
malfunctions chiller compressor cannot work
root cause analysis: a, power supply voltage is not enough; B, equipment, safety protection; C, the compressor damage.
the solution: measure voltage, short answer the compressor of commissioning. ( Must be the professional operation, prevent dangerous)
2 failure phenomenon: the mechanism of cold water cooling effect is poor

root cause analysis: a, refrigerant; B, the refrigeration power is too small; C, compressor fault; D, refrigerant filter clogging; F, and blockage of the refrigerant line; G, freezing pipe road congestion or the chilled water pump failure; H, cooling water circulation and cooling fan fault.
the solution: eliminate g f after a fault, check the compressor suction pressure, can troubleshoot, or check the compressor. 3:
malfunctions chiller inhaling low voltage protection.

the cause of the problem: lack of industrial ice machine, filter clogging.
the solution: add industrial ice machine, replace the filter cartridge. 4:
malfunctions cold water machine the exhaust pressure protection

the cause of the problem: a, evaporator in thermal efficiency is high and low
liberation methods: check the cooling water pump and pipeline imports and valve or check the cooling fan motor, to ensure that the cooling water flow rate and cooling air flow rate, otherwise generally is fouling of heat exchange tube, wash.

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