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Summer cooling artifact-direct cooling ice maker

Summer cooling artifact-direct cooling ice maker
The temperature in summer is high, which is the best season to use ice to cool down. No matter which industry, the cold storage and fresh-keeping industry can be applied. Today we will talk about the ‘artifact’ of the new large ice cube ice maker in summer-a direct cooling ice maker; this new type of machine is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving machine.
The direct cooling cbfi ice machine includes a refrigeration system and a water delivery system. The refrigeration system includes a tube aluminum plate evaporator; the water delivery system has a water tank composed of aluminum plate evaporators and a pipeline for water delivery to the water tank. According to this utility A new type of direct cooling ice maker, using an aluminum plate evaporator, the refrigerating refrigerant directly exchanges heat with water to make ice, the ice making speed is fast, and the energy efficiency is high; the hot refrigerant steam is used for the ice melting and deicing process to achieve energy saving The effect can achieve rapid ice removal.

Advantages and disadvantages of direct cooling type ice maker and ammonia system brine type ice maker, Fraser system brine type cbfi ice machine:
   1. Project direct cooling block ice machine, ammonia system, brine block ice machine, and system direct cooling block ice machine;
  2. Energy Consumption Electricity per ton of ice: 35-45 (degrees) Electricity per ton of ice: 50-60 (degrees) Electricity per ton of ice: 75-100 (degrees);
  3, add water automatically add water artificially add water artificially add water;
  4, de-icing, automatic de-icing, artificial de-icing, artificial de-icing;
  5. Freezing time saves 6 hours when the salt water is frozen, the freezing time is long and the freezing time is long;
  6. Operating cost;
  7. The direct cooling type has low operating cost, electricity costs, labor, no need to buy salt, and no need to replace ice molds;
8. The operating cost of the brine type is high, and it is necessary to buy salt, artificially produce ice, add water, and replace the ice mold in 5-6 years
9. The direct cooling operation cost of the FR system is the highest, and the ice making energy consumption is the highest. It needs to buy salt, artificially produce ice, add water, and replace the ice mold in 5-6 years.
  10. Equipment maintenance fee
11. The direct cooling is low, the system adopts automatic control, there is no need to replace the ice mold, and the equipment maintenance cost is low
  12. The salt water type is high. Because ammonia is toxic, the national control is very strict this year, and the maintenance cost is high.
13. The direct-cooling type of the FR system is high. Compared with the direct-cooling, it has more mechanical parts and higher maintenance costs.
The advantages of the direct cooling ice maker are much more than the ordinary traditional ice maker. This year's summer cooling artifact is the direct cooling cbfi ice machine.
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