Strains of low temperature preservation box use

by:CBFI     2020-10-01
Strains of cryopreservation box is a kind of ultra-low temperature freezer, its purpose is to put the need to save the species after joining suitable protective agent and mixed divide among serving cryopreserved tubes and into the ultra-low temperature freezer preservation. Bacteria is a kind of extremely important and precious biological resources, it plays a decisive role in the industrial production level, but his generation time is short, easy change and even death in batches, and therefore often industrial strains of degradation, and is likely to cause loss of fine strains, so must be prepared to strain preservation, long the activity of strains.

bacteria strains of cryopreservation box storage to save time, can use will produce strains not, en la toxin, hainan toxin cant strains of the three varieties of mature spores under aseptic condition scraping their split to contain cryoprotectants cryopreserved tubes made of cryopreserved spores, blending into the set temperature for - 86 ℃ cryogenic refrigerator save for two years, in the interval of 4 months each take out 1 verifies the titer of freeze-stored spores. Check whether the titer.
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