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Stem cells cryopreserved special cryopreservation box

Stem cells cryopreserved cryopreservation box is a special vertical ultra-low temperature freezer, stem cells are a class has the ability to replicate pluripotent cells. Under certain conditions, it can differentiate into various functional cells. According to the stem cell's stage of development can be divided into embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. According to the developmental potential of stem cells is divided into three categories: universal stem cell, pluripotent stem cells and stem cells. Stem cells are a kind of not fully differentiation, not mature cells, all kinds of tissue organ regeneration and human body potential function, the medical profession is called & other; Universal cells & throughout; 。 Its according to the different required to save life, usually stored in - 85 ℃ or - 196 ℃ ultra-low temperature freezer or liquid nitrogen tank. For acquisition to use after short stem cells, usually the ultra-low temperature freezer - 85 ℃ cryopreserved.

vertical cryogenic refrigerator drawer design and setting of chamber has a horizontal baffle, and vertical and horizontal baffle box body composed of cavity in the body set a small box, so the inner box is divided into multiple separate space, each can be placed within the space of other small box used for classification for stem cells, mutual interference, convenient to take, practicability is strong, easy to use.
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