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Steam injection and expansion refrigeration

Steam jet refrigeration can make use of waste heat, waste heat, no moving parts, reliable operation, long service life. To be used in the working medium of ejector steam jet refrigeration and evaporator refrigeration working medium is water, there is no cooling the problem of the separation of the working medium, the equipment is greatly simplified, thus compared with absorption refrigeration, has simple equipment, low cost, cover an area of an area small advantage. But it is the requirement of working steam is higher, when working steam pressure to reduce efficiency is low. Under low temperature conditions, Below 8 ℃) , running economy is lower than the absorption chiller.

according to the above characteristics, main use steam jet refrigeration and preparing 2 ~ 20 ℃ cold media of water, especially in making above 10 ℃ when the industrial ice machine water efficiency is higher. In recent years, due to the lithium bromide absorption refrigeration technology continues to progress, continue to improve efficiency and performance, the application of steam jet refrigeration and less and less. In direct cooling materials, however, without the need for a cold media still has some certain occasions vitality. For example, in the pharmaceutical production, concrete aggregate, precooling, caustic cooling, etc.

in the cryogenic refrigerator and gas liquefaction plant, widely used for low temperature gas expansion method. According to the different way of gas expansion and use of equipment, mainly divided into: 1, the throttle valve and expansion, known as adiabatic throttling, enthalpy values before and after the throttle; 2, high pressure gas inside the expansion machine, such as inflation, the temperature is reduced, foreign output power; 3, gas isothermal expansion, heat from the outside world; 4, adiabatic deflated, container of remaining gas temperature drop.

method 1 and 2 is caused by adiabatic expansion gas temperature by oneself, using gas liquefied cargo after expansion of gas in low pressure after thermal process to achieve the purpose of refrigeration, also known as the cold; Method 3 use of gas in the whole deflated reversible adiabatic expansion occurred in the process, is also a process of cold inside.

throttling is high pressure fluid ( Gas, liquid or gas liquid mixture) Encountered in steady flow, reducing or regulating valves due to local resistance, the resistance components such as the process of pressure decreased significantly. Throttling expansion process because there is no external work output, and the throttling process engineering fast, fluid amount of heat exchange with the outside world are negligible, nearly as adiabatic process to deal with.
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