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Steady flow equations

Most practical work of the engine for the open system system not only has the energy transfer and conversion with the outside world, and there are material exchange. For simplicity, assume that the status of the load is constant, be deemed to have been stable flow system. In steady flow is refers to the flow parameter at any section of, such as pressure, temperature, specific volume and tassels are not changed over time. At this point per unit time system transfer of heat and work with the outside world, don't change over time.

than the physical meaning of enthalpy is: working medium can flow into the thermal system in thermodynamics and the sum of flow work. Therefore, the enthalpy can be considered as working medium transfer of energy.

enthalpy is an important state parameters of working medium. After introducing the concept of enthalpy, bring many analysis and calculation of the thermal problem is convenient. For example, the working medium flow into the shrinkage cavity or slit, due to overcome local resistance, and then into the heat energy is absorbed by the industrial ice machine itself, gas pressure can't return to the original, so the throttling process is a typical irreversible process.
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