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Special oil cooler

Special oil cooling machine, also known as the special oil for oil cooling machine, cooling machine, low temperature oil cooling machine, etc. Can be used for special oil, lubricating oil, precision oil, Marine oil cooling. Special oil cooling machine can control the hydraulic system pressure oil temperature, the stability of hydraulic oil temperature, prolong the life time of the oil and improve the efficiency of mechanical lubrication, reducing wear and friction, anti-aging performance. Can effectively reduce equipment maintenance costs when using.

special oil with cooling machine features:

1 Japan new imported famous brand compressor, high accuracy, stable and reliable performance,

2 electric parts are all international brands & other; Schneider & throughout; Factory product, ensure the machine work stability, long life;

3 imported Italian factory and domestic total of 304 stainless steel pump, large flow, high efficiency, long and durable;

4 equipped with imported precision type digital temperature controller, digital display water temperature, can accurately control temperature & plusmn; 1 ℃, set temperature 5 ℃ range & ndash; 35℃;

5 full stainless steel of heavy plate in evaporator, the built-in automatic filling water device, convenient cleaning maintenance;

6 cooling chillers cold type, composed of fin and procession of brass, used when making secondary flanging fin mechanical pipe up;

7 industrial production lines and advanced heat exchanger, guarantee the quality and efficient, alarm device is equipped with automatic control and protection, fault signal output;

8 USES static plastic spraying enclosure, European design, beautiful and easy;

plate adopt quick disassembling form 9 appearance, convenient operation and maintenance;

10 built-in security protection, low noise, energy saving and durable;

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