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SPC rate freeze instrument fault interpretation

Programmed temperature drop rate of frozen instrument is also known as program, is in the cell transplantation and cryopreservation of cell or tissue indispensable instrument, is a necessary tool for cytological study, in the spinal cord transplantation, plays an important role in organ transplant surgery. Programmed rate freeze instrument with liquid nitrogen as industrial ice machine, rapid cooling when using liquid nitrogen volatilization characteristics, through the microcomputer program control amount of evaporation of liquid nitrogen, volatile indoor temperature from room temperature down to - quickly Temperature of 90 ℃ or less, for the spinal cord, such as organ transplant surgery material reserves and other development provides a convenient conditions.

but program temperature drop will happen to fault, such as liquid nitrogen can not intake, how be to return a responsibility?
  1. Main machine fault;
  2. Control circuit, electromagnetic valve failure;
  3. Pipeline jam. After
can refer to this manual, the host can normal operation, the control circuit has signal output, at the same time confirmed that the pipeline flow. Check electromagnetic valve found can't absorb, thus conclude that the electromagnetic valve failure. Because the valve marking device, it is difficult to buy the same products on the market.
consult instructions, found that the machine in order to reduce the temperature, faster to use the two solenoid valve, normal cooling only 1 ( Valve (A) , liquid nitrogen from A gas inlet into the evaporation chamber, need high speed cooling is used, two liquid nitrogen from 2 inlet into the evaporation chamber. Only in practical circuit valve in A circuit, the valve is not connected to B. May be in the process of maintenance, maintenance personnel will valve B and plug the power, but they only use the normal cooling process, and found that the volatilization of valve B control room air inlet nozzle was blocked. So that valve B should be able to normal use, such as the valve A swap two valve or simply be removed, the valve B received valve of the trachea and connected to A control circuit should be able to solve the problem, but so can find valve B and after processing; But the fault is still. Valve pipe blocked, remove the check the valve, air outlet valve B place there is a seal to block the outlet, volatile liquid nitrogen can not into the room. At this point, troubleshooting, instrument back to normal work.

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