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Solenoid valve in the application in the ultra-low temperature freezer

In - Temperature below 130 ℃ ultra-low temperature storage of cryogenic refrigerator refrigeration performance standard of the structure of the solenoid valve is adopted to switch, electromagnetic valve of ptfe material widely used internal standard structure of sealing ring, in - Below 100 ℃ cryogenic regions, ptfe material of the sealing ring can harden pulverization, lose sealing effect, thus cause the industrial ice machine leakage, affect the cooling performance of long period running, lead to can not meet the set of storage temperature storage box. Existing technology has not can provide the resistance to low temperature and has good sealing performance of the sealing materials; Some other sealing structure leads to the manufacturing cost greatly increased.
in order to avoid the deficiency existed in the existing technology to provide a kind of application of the solenoid valve in the ultra-low temperature freezer, with its simple structure to ensure that the electromagnetic valve sealing performance. Used in cryogenic refrigerator structure characteristics of the solenoid valve is set on the solenoid valve around the seal between the valve and pipe assembly, replace ptfe sealing ring seal structure is made up of up and down the ring plate and the lower ring plate of composite form, described the ring plate welded on the outer enclosure tube assembly, described the ring plate welded on the valve body, it is on the outside of the ring plate and the lower circle plate welding for the sealing connection between each other. Compared with the existing technology, beneficial effects in 1, no longer using ptfe seals, thoroughly avoids the problem of seal failure at low temperature, electromagnetic valve in the ultra-low temperature freezer work stable and reliable. 2, only under the increased peripheral set on the ring plate and ring plate, does not alter the structure of the existing form, when necessary, directly to remove the ring plate and the lower ring cover plate to replace for set up the structure of ptfe sealing ring is still existing, use flexibility.
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