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Solar-powered Containerized Cold Storage RoomsThe

In countries where theSunis shining half of day or more, especially in developing countries wherein a stable electricityisn't always assured, lack of cool storage. The solution is green Focusun offers portable, walk-in cold rooms that work completely on solar energy. This reliable system is highly fit for remote locations, disaster-stricken areas as well regions without a steady power grid. Knowledgeable cooling solutions mobile cold rooms have heavy insulation values and are manufactured according which will world standards. The solar panels are of a system that stores extra solar energy for that night times. This smart cooling option is eco-friendly, has low running costs and requires discount maintenance. Technical information Measurements: A thirty feet or alternatively 20 shoe shipping vase with solar panel on prime. Choice between cooling (0,5 / a number of C) possibly freezing functions (-24 /-18C). Products maintain 24/7 chilly or frozen, because of ingenious energy energy memory system. Local pharmacy Critical vaccinations and meds can be stored with only a controlled high heat in a brand new mobile solar-powered cold room, especially in the of natural disasters or about locations with reliable electric company. Fish Fresh koi well refrigerated in premium cold kitchen is necessary in arrange to keep clear of contamination coupled with bacterial extension. The storage temperature available for fresh challenging fish is now between 0C and 4C. Meat Products Meats basic requires especial attention in the event of stocking meat. Within cold rooms, meat backpacks are kept having a constant awesome temperature. Frosty meat persists frozen 24/7 in this solar-powered fridge. Vegetables and in addition Fruits in friendly climates, your current waste at food could be excessive. House powered unheated rooms are probably enabling lieu farmer companies to provide the quality of goods before penalized it in the local sector. Focusun stuff durable walk-in refrigerator not to mention freezer moments that probably are reliable and as well as highly effective. The compact arctic rooms are typically 100% solar-powered, well protected and to be able to move.
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