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sochi\'s humidity keeps olympic ice makers working overtime

Some skiers and skiers are affected by bad weather in Sochi.
Well, snow is sometimes mud.
But in the Winter Olympics, ice has been widely praised, although some work is needed to keep it cool.
It\'s not hot, it\'s humidity, and that\'s why ice makers work overtime at the Olympics.
It pays off because the athletes in Sochi have been talking about ice.
\"I think all the athletes are in love with ice,\" 19-year-old U. S.
Figure skater Jason Brown said these words at the Iceberg Skating Palace.
\"It\'s soft and fast --
All the things the skater is looking.
Curler Brad Jacobs of Canada echoed the idea.
He waxed the CBFI ice makerin his arena, the so-called Ice Cube.
\"I salute him,\" Jacobs said . \".
\"He did a good job. He was a great ice maker.
I don\'t think there are any better people in the world than him.
\"In the Adler Arena where the speed skating race is underway, griri Grigoriev is the Ice coach.
\"Not all ice is equal because they all have different purposes. . .
\"So they are created in different ways and have different recipes,\" Grigoriev said . \".
\"The different secrets of making ice.
\"Skating is soft with figure skating.
There are fast skating ice here, and skaters need to slide to the maximum extent.
Curlers must walk on the ice.
Grigoriev says one of the secrets of his big ice is that it\'s old.
The staff put it down about 15 months ago.
Through constant maintenance and re-surface treatment, they are able to make it more compact and clean with fewer bubbles.
He said that they have taken great measures in making ice.
\"We play classical music here so that ICE will crystallize in a proper hard way, not rock music, and not silence,\" he said . \".
\"In fact, at some stage of preparation, we have four seasons in Vivaldi.
Research has shown that his approach is effective, says Grigoriev.
\"I\'m serious. Look up!
He added, \"noise creates vibrations that affect the type of ice you get during the freezing of water.
NPR\'s research library is investigating the claim.
They can\'t find prestigious research to support it, though it\'s a small part of folklore on the icemaking world.
Grigoriev said that even with his magic recipe, he struggled with the heat in Sochi.
The temperature is usually in the middle-50s.
\"In Sochi, we have to fight with it, right by the sea,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s a problem if you can call it that.
\"The humidity outside the skating rink has been hovering between 70 and 100%.
In contrast, the humidity in the rink must be around 30%.
Skaters and spectators must also have different climate zones.
So for Grigoriev, the most important part of making ice is the air system.
This requires constant supervision.
\"There is no disrespect for my colleagues in other venues or their icemakers\', but it is different and not that difficult,\" Grigoriev said . \".
\"How flat it should be, how cold it should be.
How dry it should be.
So far, it\'s wider and deeper.
At Adler Arena]
More than any other skating rink.
Grigoriev said: \"Given that his skating rink has set a number of Olympic records, the work over the years is worth it.
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