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Snowflake ice machine technology is gradually upgrading

With the continuous development of the economy, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. The appearance of the snowflake ice maker has brought convenience to people’s lives. People want to eat food at all times and seasons anytime, anywhere. , The ice maker is indispensable, the snowflake ice maker also brings us a variety of delicious cold drinks, ice porridge, smoothies and other delicacies stimulate our taste buds. In addition, in industrial production, the snowflake ice maker is also indispensable. In the hot summer days, a few buckets of ice cubes are placed in the factory workshop. Workers can also prevent heatstroke and cool down, which greatly improves work efficiency and reflects humanistic care. Snowflake ice maker adopts cubic design and curved door (or stainless steel door) with beautiful appearance. Snowflake ice machine integrates the advanced technology, professional technology and professional production of today's ice machine. It has stable quality and superior performance among similar products. Adopting rotary extrusion ice making method, eliminating the need for deicing process, saving time and energy; Adopting a unique row-cavity evaporator, the ice making speed is fast, and the ice production efficiency is high. Unshaped small particles of ice can penetrate into narrow gaps, with uniform temperature and rapid cooling. In recent years, my country's snowflake ice machine technology has developed rapidly, but compared with developed countries, there is still a big gap in machine manufacturing accuracy, processing technology level, and material selection. In the research and development of snowflake ice machine , There is still a gap in the research on the energy efficiency level of ice making machines. There is still a lot of room for development in the future. From a macro point of view, my country should create more favorable policy conditions for the rapid development of the snowflake ice machine industry in terms of the national policy of building an environment-friendly and innovative country. According to the '2013-2017 China Snowflake Industry Production and Sales Demand and Investment Forecast Analysis ReportThe economic benefits of an enterprise are directly determined by the acceptance of the product in the market. Therefore, product management is the core of enterprise management, and the product is the person responsible for the entire process of the product from creativity to development, manufacturing and sales. The main purpose is to ensure Products succeed in the market and improve the economic efficiency of the company. Therefore, the level of product capabilities determines the success or failure of the company's products. A product is the main body leading the company's product upgrade. In the product management of the Snow , the product is the *, the coordinator, and the agitator, assuming very important roles and responsibilities. The main work contents of Snowflake products are: 1. Market research, communicating with users, understanding customer needs, market needs, collecting and analyzing competitors' product information, studying its development and industry trends, and presenting market research results reports , To help companies improve product strategy. 2. Product planning, through market research and analysis reports, innovative design is jointly approved by the organization, and based on the company's situation and development direction, new product development strategic decisions are proposed; 3. Product development, guiding and supervising the product development process, especially demand analysis And management, product definition, and differentiation analysis. Compared with the traditional control system of the snowflake ice machine, the control system of the snowflake ice machine is even better. The user can set the start and stop time and delay protection of the ice machine, which reduces the customer's labor and energy costs to the greatest extent and extends An impeccable fault retrieval system for the service life of the machine. Snowflake ice machine has made great progress in technical level and processing technology in recent years, especially in ice-making parts. Industry experts believe that research on evaporator efficiency, new material application, parts processing accuracy and material should be strengthened. Development, always mastering the core technology of snowflake ice machine products, and gradually upgrading.
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