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Snowflake ice machine microcomputer controller display


  Snowflake H23437 Microcomputer Controller Display

  Microcomputer controller display is as follows:

  ★Ice full display

  ★Water shortage display

  ★Ice-making motor failure display

  ★Condensing temperature too high display

  ★Refrigerant lack display

  ★If the machine has a problem, respond accordingly The alarm indicator lights up, and the corresponding protective measures are activated until the machine stops.

  ★The microcomputer controller automatically controls and displays the entire ice making process of the ice maker. The ice maker has reliable control, stable operation and convenient maintenance.

  ■Snowflake-shaped ice

   The indefinitely shaped tiny granular ice can penetrate into narrow gaps, cool quickly, and has a good ice bath effect. It is suitable for laboratory use.

  ■Space-saving design

  Double-screw extrusion ice making method, the ice maker is compact in structure and small in size, which reduces the space occupied by the laboratory.

  ■Unique ice-making system

  The professionally designed refrigeration circuit, control system and various mechanism components, efficient ice making and easy to use.

  ■Responsive design for power failure and water cut

When the    ice maker is running, even if the power is suddenly cut off, the water is cut off. After the water and electricity are restored, the cbfi ice machine will return to the working state when the power is cut off, and the cbfi ice machine will be automatically restored.

  ■Safety considerations

  The ice maker is equipped with a leakage protection switch to ensure safe and safe use.

  (Ice Spring Ice Machine)

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