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Snowflake ice machine maintenance, can you do all these?

Snowflake cbfi ice machine adopts stainless steel shell in structure, beautiful appearance, continuous ice making, fast ice making speed, large amount of ice making, etc. The products are widely used in homes, bars, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, McDonald's, and convenient. Stores, ice shops, KTVs, dance halls, gymnasiums, hospitals, schools, laboratories, scientific research institutes and other consumer places as well as supermarkets to keep fresh display; fisheries fishing refrigeration, transportation and processing; medical applications; food processing; meat processing and other industries.

   Snowflake ice machine maintenance, do you know all of these?   Exterior cleaning: Wipe the ice machine housing with a clean soft cloth at least once a week, and wipe grease and dust with a damp cloth containing a neutral detergent.   Clean the inside of the refrigerator: Open the door of the refrigerator and take out all ice cubes. Use a neutral detergent that does not contain fine particles to clean the inner container of the refrigerator, and rinse thoroughly with water. Wipe the inside surface of the refrigerator door with a clean cloth soaked in a neutral detergent, and wipe off the detergent with a clean cloth. After washing thoroughly with clean water, wipe the solution completely with a clean cloth, and close the refrigerator door.  Filter cleaning: The ice machine is equipped with a plastic mesh air filter to filter heavy dust and dust in the air to prevent the condenser from clogging. The clogging of the filter will affect the ice production. Remove and clean the filter at least twice a month. Remove the air filter, remember not to reach into the inside of the machine. Clean the filter with warm water and a neutral detergent, rinse the air filter thoroughly with water and dry it, and then reinstall it in the correct position.   Waterway system cleaning: In order to keep the ice machine clean and hygienic, it is recommended to clean the waterway system of the ice machine regularly, and ask professional service personnel to clean the waterway system. Note that the filter element should be replaced every three months to avoid clogging of the filter and affecting the output of the ice machine.
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